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Freecharge Offers, Discount Coupons, Promo Code & Deals on Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile recharges, DTH recharge, Etc. for New & Existing Users. Freecharge New User Promo Codes are available at Tracedeals.

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FreeCharge - The Simplest & Fastest way to do an Online Recharge

FreeCharge is a mobile app with which you can recharge your mobile just like Paytm, pay bills and also make purchases on Snapdeal. FreeCharge is also a mobile wallet in which you can keep the money and can use it online if needed. FreeCharge is a mobile wallet with which you can recharge your mobile and you can benefit from using many features by creating an account on it as well as mobile recharge.

The most popular one after Paytm after note closure is FreeCharge, and frankly, I use this app more than any other Wallet. Now the feature that FreeCharge has not been able to provide is its offline usage which Paytm provides. Still, it is a great digital wallet.

Let us now know what you can do with FreeCharge and what works can be used in it, just read this post from FreeCharge Kaise Kare from beginning to end, hope you will get answers to all your questions. FreeCharge is very popular in the field of Online Recharge, with the help of this, you can do anytime online recharge.

You will also hear about FreeCharge, but few people know about how to use FreeCharge, and you will also want to know how to make money through Free Charge?

If you are also a Smartphone user and want to recharge online from your mobile, then FreeCharge is a very good app, so now let's know about it for full information.

Use FreeCharge Discount Coupons and Make Recharge With Good Offers!

As the gift of technology, it has now become all the regular activities in the palms of the man! The smartphone offers a different app for different operations in day-to-day life. Among them, FreeCharge is the digital marketplace that offers a great platform for various activities like savings, payments, insurance, investments and many more. These are also the most significant expenses that people of all the families do regularly. How nice will it be when there are some offers on these recharges? Yes! We offer the platform for some percentage of discounts.

Be wise and smart enough to make use of our discounts at Tracedeals! You might look for some Freecharge promo codes and by applying them, you can have some percentage of cost slashed off and pay less comparatively.

Avail Freecharge Recharge offers and makes high value within your budget!

With such an efficient FreeCharge, you might have experienced a number of recharges with high comfort at any time and anyplace. We at Tracedeals have created a specific page for the users of FreeCharge and offer some Freecharge Discount Coupons to help you in saving some considerable amount in the regular recharges that you make through the Freecharge site. There are also some advantages when you are making online recharges using the FreeCharge and it is discussed below.

Split the bill amount with the split bill option!

For example, you might have gone to some hotel and had a good time tasting all the special dishes of the hotel. Now you need to pay the bill separately for the dishes that you had separately. Here is the best option of FreeCharge where you can use the spilled bill option and both of you pay for the food you had. Additionally, you can make use of the FreeCharge offers to get offers for your food through us. Enjoy more different dishes but pay less!

Social media is now a currency sharing the app!

Generally, you all use to share some information and your words in social media but now you can send and receive money through social media. Just chat with your friends and make use of the chat-n-pay service of FreeCharge and transfer money through it just within 10 seconds. When you do the same with our Tracedeals, you can avail Freecharge cashback offers and enjoy transferring money with profit.

Plan your payments!

Remembering the payments and paying them on time is the huge hassle in most of the families. Here is Freecharge to help you! You can make use of the bill reminder options in the Freecharge and get a notification at the right time for various bills. Along with that, you can visit Tracedeals to use the Freecharge Recharge offers and reduces such bills to save your money. Remember not to pay but to save!

Order online!

Yes! There are a number of online eCommerce sites but why Freecharge? It is because the Freecharge offers you the platform for locating the nearby shopkeepers, chat with them, order the things you need and share your reviews about the products. You can just pay on the chat as the order is delivered at your doorstep. Are you willing to save in this order now? Visit Tracedeals and make use of the Freecharge Promo codes to have your orders with reduced prices.

You are on the safer track!

Safety is obviously important for any money-related things. The FreeCharge is also offering the huge security option called “On The Go Pin” it let the merchant who is with the POS machine will accept the payment and OTP will be generated to the customer and it keeps changing for every 3 minutes. This ensures the safety of the transaction.

Chat and pay!

Have you ever felt bad when your loved ones are suffering without money in some chat? Have you felt hard in transferring money through any regular means? Now, you can share money just in the middle of chatting with your people. It is possible with the FreeCharge site with the option of Chat-n-share. Along with that, you can also have some profit of cash bash by visiting Tracedeals to use the Freecharge cashback offer. Send money with considerable cash back!

Save money with Freecharge!

Having some savings is very important for all families. Some bills and recharges have become unavoidable for the families of today. No matter what the recharge is! It might be a mobile number, data card, DTH, electric bill, gas bill, landline bill, and many more. Just make a visit to the Tracedeals and find FreeCharge with some Freecharge recharge offers and pay them. Now, you have paid and saved!

Why & What is FreeCharge?

FreeCharge is a Wallet App through which you can recharge online mobile from your mobile, the most important thing is to do mobile recharge so that you can also do online prepaid and postpaid recharge. You can transfer money from FreeCharge, in this way you get many offers.

FreeCharge App is very similar to Paytm where FreeCharge App offers you offers from time to time that gives you cashback in free and thus you can recharge your mobile and all these payments are debited from our account online.

What is the FreeCharge Promo Code?

FreeCharge Promo Code is a kind of computer-generated code, Promo Code is also known as Discount Coupon, which contains letters and numbers, all the promo codes are different, they are completely different from each other, You get it all at the store.

The company offers the FreeCharge Promo Code to its customers when selling online to their customers. Promo Code provides customers with some discounts. Companies Promo Code keeps their customers connected with their Bussiness, hence Company offers these promo codes. You can use them in your Mobile, Bill Payment, TV Recharge, Online Shopping, Ticket Booking.

FreeCharge Promo Code:

We can do lots of work from Promo Code Bill Payment, Hotel Booking and many more. Paytm uses Promo Code from time to time, so we can take advantage of Offers like Cashback, and Discount.

After you have created a FreeCharge Account, you have to recharge before it is used and if you have a Cashback Offer, Voucher or Promo Code, then you have to use it in this way.

Open the FreeCharge app and after recharging, the page which comes in front of you will be there for you in the Last Promo? Click on it then there will be a box, insert the Coupon Code and activate it, then pay by Payments UPI, Net Banking or Debit Card.

Cashback can take 30 seconds to 24 hours, but in addition to the recharge, everything else will be used like Promo Code.

Features of FreeCharge:

  1. FreeCharge App provides a very fast service.
  2. In this, you can recharge Mobile and DTH.
  3. You can also pay Travel, Rent, Food and many other bills from FreeCharge App.
  4. You can get Cashback up to Rs 50 only after the first recharge on FreeCharge App.
  5. With FreeCharge App, you will not need any help to recharge or you will not have to go to a shop.
  6. When you recharge online from FreeCharge App, then you will get a discount code and coupon code on your Mobile Number or on your Email Id, which will save you money.
  7. You can also save your time from FreeCharge App. You can recharge your mobile from FreeCharge App in just a few minutes.
  8. FreeCharge App lets you recharge DTH, Electricity Bill.

How to use FreeCharge:

With FreeCharge you can do many things like Electricity Bill, DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, Ticket Booking and you can also get Cashback on Recharge.

You can use it with its Mobile App, you can save a lot of money in your recharge. You have to download its FreeCharge Mobile App before using it and after that, it will have to use it after signing up. The essential thing for this is your mobile number and your email account. After this, you can use it quite easily by signing up in it.

Let's know step by step information about using FreeCharge:

  • First of all download the FreeCharge App from the link below.
  • After this, when you open it, you will be asked to log in. If you are creating a new account, then click on the register located above and after that write your name, mobile number, email and password and click on Sign Up.
  • Now an OTP will go to your mobile number, which you have to enter here and then click on Continue.
  • Now your FreeCharge account has been created and you can use it. If you are logged in then it is fine otherwise enter your mobile number and password and log in.

Now what is necessary after this to use it is to add money to it, which you can do through your ATM card or net banking.

How to do Recharge with FreeCharge:

  • First of all open the FreeCharge App.
  • Now click on the option of mobile.
  • Enter your mobile number in the option of entering Mobile Number, on which you want to recharge.
  • After entering the mobile number, select your Connection, Operator and Circle and then click on Done.
  • Now you have to enter the amount you want to recharge, you can also select the plans by clicking on View All Plan.
  • After selecting Amount, you have to enter the Promo Code in the option of Have A Promo Code and then click on Apply, if you do not enter this code then you will not get cashback on Recharge.
  • If you have Promo Code, then on the next page you will see Congratulations written in it, click on Ok and if there is no Promo Code then click on Direct Ok.
  • Now you will get Recharge Option, select it, select Debit / Credit Card and enter your ATM Number in "Enter Card Number".
  • After entering the ATM number, enter your Debit Card Month and Year in the Option of MM / YY and enter CVV Number, after filling all the details of the Debit Card correctly, click on Proceed To Pay.
  • Now an OTP Code will come to your number, insert it here and click on Submit.
  • Your mobile number has been successfully recharged.
  • Now your recharge has been done, in this way you can also pay DTH Recharge, and “Electricity Bill”.

How to pay Electricity Bill through FreeCharge :

  • Go to the FreeCharge website or go to FreeCharge App and login.
  • In this, you can also fill your Electricity Bill by clicking on the option of Electricity Bill, from FreeCharge, you can pay Electricity Bill from your mobile right from home, for this you will not need to go anywhere.

Online Ticket Booking:

In this, you are also given the service of Flight ticket booking, Train tickets, and movie ticket booking. When booking a flight ticket, you will always get some discounts on it.

Mobile recharge and bill payment:

When this app was launched, it was the first service offered, that is, it was initially launched only for mobile recharge and DTH recharge. Then no one would have thought that not only this service but they will give us more services in the future. By this, we can also pay the electricity bill sitting at home as well as recharge any network very easily.

Shopping Online:

The way we shop at Amazon Flipkart Snapdeal, similarly in this we are also given the service of buying things. You can shop for almost every kind of product online in it. In this, you are also given many types of offers in shopping as well as discounts.

How to add money in FreeCharge:

One of the important things to use FreeCharge is money in it. Now the question remains how to add money to it. You can add money to FreeCharge with Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card. That is, if you use an ATM card, then you can add your money to it. For this, you click on the + sign in the top right corner of the FreeCharge App and fill all the things asked there. Such as Amount, ATM Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV or Internet Banking details. If you do not have an Internet banking or ATM card, you can ask a friend to send money to it and thus money will come in your FreeCharge Wallet. Below we have given the step by step information of adding money to FreeCharge.

  • Open the FreeCharge App.
  • Now click on Add Money.
  • First of all, you have to add rupees in Option.
  • Next option to select payment or deposit option like Debit Card
  • Enter the number of your ATM card, which is 16 digits, enter it
  • In this option, write the valid date of your card which is on the card.
  • Write the CVV Code in Next Option.
  • Fill all the information correctly and click on Proceed To Pay.
  • Now an OTP Code will be received on your number.
  • Enter OTP
  • Now the money has been deposited in your Wallet.

After adding money to FreeCharge, you can use it in many ways.

For example, mobile recharge, electric bill or you can send it to anyone. You can see the list Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment!, Utility Bill Payment!, DTH Recharge Bill payment!, Education Fee Payment!, Financial Services, Metro Card Recharge!, Bus Ticket Booking!, Water Park Booking!, hotel booking !, Data Card Recharge And Bill Payment!, Landline Bill Payment!, Electricity Bill Payment!, Gas Bill Payment!, and many more.

How to add bank account with FreeCharge:

  • First of all open the FreeCharge App.
  • After this, click on BHIM UPI.
  • Then select your Sim in the Next Page, then click on Next.
  • After clicking Next, click on Link Your Bank Account.
  • After this, select your bank and click on it.
  • Your Bank Account will be linked to FreeCharge.

How to transfer money through FreeCharge:

  • First of all open the FreeCharge App.
  • After this click on Pay Merchant.
  • Now click on Show QR Code.
  • Now scan the QR Code of the person who wants to pay.
  • Now put Amount.
  • And now pay for it.

What is KYC verification:

KYC means Know Your Customer. In the banking language, it is called KYC verification. On opening an account with the bank, the bank asks you for a government ID card, such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, voter card or electricity bill. Through these documents, the bank identifies who you are, where you live and what you do. This is called KYC verification.

Cashback Offers:

Cashback Rs 50 on recharging 50 or more with your internet-banking / debit card/credit card / FreeCharge balance on recharge payment, postpaid mobile, bill payment, DTH, data card, utility bill payment, and metro card recharge. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Cashback up to 10% maximum up to Rs. 50 on recharge with your Visa card on recharge payments, postpaid mobiles, bill payments, DTH, data cards, utility bill payments, and metro card recharge. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Cashback up to 10% up to a maximum of Rs.25 on recharging with your internet-banking / debit card/credit card / FreeCharge balance on recharge payment, postpaid mobile, bill payment, DTH, data card, utility bill payment, and metro card recharge. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Up to 20% cashback on recharging your gas-electricity, landline bill with your internet-banking / debit card/credit card / FreeCharge balance. Coupons may use a bar code per user. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Up to 20% cashback on recharge of electricity bill with your internet-banking / debit card / credit card / FreeCharge balance. Coupons may use a bar code per user. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Cash back up to a maximum of Rs. 50 on recharge of 400 or more with your internet-banking / debit card / credit card / FreeCharge balance on postpaid mobile bill payment. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Cash 20% back up to a maximum of Rs 50 for recharging 200 or more with your internet-banking / debit card / credit card / FreeCharge balance on landline bill payment. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Cash back up to a maximum of Rs. 50 on recharge of 400 or more with your internet-banking / debit card/credit card / FreeCharge balance on DTH bill payment. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

Up to Rs 100 cashback on recharging 200 or more with your internet-banking / debit card/credit card / FreeCharge balance on gas bill payment. Don’t forget to check cashback offers on our site Tracedeals.

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