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Jabong Online Shopping Coupons & Offers

Save on Jabong Online Shopping via Jabong Offers, Promo codes, deals & Coupon Codes, Which are available at Tracedeals. Jabong Coupons are applicable to all products like men and women clothing, fashion accessories, beauty products, apparel, footwear, etc., at Tracedeals

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Tracking Information:

Cookie Duration - 30 Days
Web - Allowed
Mobile Web - Allowed
App - Allowed
Deeplink - Allowed
Multiple Conversions - Allowed

Allowed /  Disallowed Media : 

Text Link - Allowed
Banner - Allowed
Brand bidding - Forbidden
Deals - Allowed 
Coupons - Allowed
Cashback - Allowed
Contextual - Allowed
Email (Text) - Allowed
Custom Email (Text) - Allowed
Email (HTML) - Allowed
Custom Email (HTML) - Allowed
POP Traffic - Allowed
Native Ads - Allowed
Social Media,PPC - Allowed
Facebook Ads - Allowed
PPV/CPV - Allowed
PPC on Brand Term - Forbidden
Google PPC - Forbidden

SEM - Brand Keyword(s) - Forbidden
SEM - Generic Keyword(s) - Allowed
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s) - Forbidden

Terms & Conditions

Brand bidding on google and other search platforms is prohibited.No payment straight away for that particular publisher for the entire month.
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